From The Ashes

by Inside It Grows

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Originally intended to be a demo back in 2005.
Remixed, remastered and digitised in 2010.


released October 31, 2010

All Music and Lyrics by John T.
All instruments and drum programming by John T.
Lead guitars by Akis H except "Died Again" by Akis H an d John T.
Vocals by Econe, Alex S, Manthos Stergiou, Jack and Akis H. See individual track credits for specifics!

Thank you to Bill K and Orestis L for their ideas on the early drum tracks.



all rights reserved


Inside It Grows Αθήνα, Greece

Not following a normal band trail, the purpose of Inside It Grows is to explore all sides of life and to express feelings and thoughts through music.
The idea is for each release this project makes to be based upon experiences, mood, feelings and troubles of a specific period of time, so don't expect any order or a standard style of music or in fact any connection between each release.
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Track Name: Give Me Life
We will rise from the ashes
of the dreams we had to burn
Spread blood upon your faces
for all the souls you sacrificed

We..dwell on earth without a face
We..feed with blood we die in vain
We..roll the dice and we decide
Who's to live and who's to die

Die in vain, live with pain
It never starts, it never ends
The life you chose, the life you led

Voices, choises
I'm broken inside, you left me here to die
I spit upon your face, I will not die in vain

This gives me life, this makes me smile
Life it gives and life it takes
These chains I cannot brake
Your talk of hope was fake
Your throne was made of clay
Where do you come from and where do you go
Who am I is all I know
Who's to stay here and who's to go
Who decided is your God.
Track Name: Beast
Rearrange life as you please
Don't Ever let'em see you re'weak
Walk on water on through flames
Show them heaven on your face

Primal rage inside your head
The need to feed drives you insane
But you fee on human flesh
That's a secret you can't share

Walk amongst them take your pick
Weave your mist and make'em sleep
Lift them high make them dream
Snap their necks like they were sheep

I'll take your life the time has come
I'll kill your young you shall not breed
I'll eat your heart on a silver dish
I'll drink your blood in the wooden cup

Man made man in the semblance of God
They plan life before people are born
They bring darkness disguised as light
Man declared man equal to God.

You always wished you were one of them
That made your mercy even less
No love lost you always say
But it was love that made you "saint".

When darkness falls into the light
You'll live the life for which you died
You'll live forever and try to share
They'll be ungrateful and you'll despair
Track Name: Died Again
You still drift, deep into space
Is it a gift or is it insane
You still fall into place
When time stopped and gave you pain

Can you see this maze from the center of the haze?
Do you feel ok while falling in cascade?
See you on the other side cries the end of life
Won't let you fade, cries out your name

Now, you died again
Not like the last time, this is the end
Now, they left you for dead
Killed to believe there is no hell

Still I wonder, wonder in vain
This sound, grows deeper
Harder or softer it won't go away

Cities of industry people of clay
Guilty or sorcery, I think you should pray
They're gonna burn you cause someone must pay
They will bring ignorance, you'll fade away.
Track Name: Sin
I'll slay your innocence, I'll burn your faith
I'll tear your heart right out, I'll endorse your pain

They drained all life from me, they fade me hate
I'll never cry for you, noone did for me

I will sin, I will kill
I will bleed you dry, I will take your life

I have become man's destructive nature
I'll never sieze to exist in here
I will survive apocalypse
I will become the slave of saints

I'm laying on the floor
Whether I'm drunk or dead I ain't too sure
I'm tired of smoking other people's cigarettes
It feels like I'm skinned alive
LIke my veins are cut from the inside

I will break your dreams in pieces
I will show you this world's demise
Go find a cause, go out and die
Bleeding fists again, a neverending fight

The ferocity of demons in the heart of angels
The blood of mortals in the veins of gods

The blood of the innocent
Will paint the doors to redemption
And when hell is full again
The dead will walk the earth.